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    Our Brands

    With these registered brands our international clientele acquires guaranteed quality ”made in Solingen”:

    ?DOVO? Stahlwaren
    ?Masterpieces in Steel“ - this is how many consumers worldwide call our ?DOVO? cutlery, scissors, straight razors and manicure items. Perfection, quality and craftsmenship Made in Germany and Made in Solingen.

    For more than 120 years the MERKUR brand exists in Solingen. Primarily manufactured are sophisticated and high quality safety razors with double-edge blades Made in Germany.

    A ?DOVO? brand from the 1980’s describes the modern straight razor with disposable blades for the professional barber and the straight razor novice.

    A straight razor brand with a special name. A remainder from a multitude of brands from the 1950’s.