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    Frequently asked questions:

    Our products are sold through specialized dealers, either online or in brick and mortar stores.

    We do not offer industrial selling at our production site in Solingen.

    Our niche products can be found in specialized brick and mortar shops, or online shops. Simply type the product and the brand name ?DOVO? or MERKUR into the search box of your internet browser.

    The diversity, our high quality standards and often only small production batches can sometimes cause longer delivery times. Thank you for your understanding.

    All articles from our production are made with the highest degree of accuracy and quality. Before they are supplied to the shops, they undergo a series of sophisticated tests for function and quality. Should a product show a reason for complaint anyway, our trading partners or we ourselves will help you.

    For this, please observe the following information:

    Repair and Sharpening Service
    We offer a repair service for ?DOVO? and MERKUR products. Products from other manufacturers cannot be accepted. Please inquire about the import requirements and the repair flat rates, we do not offer quotations. With grave damage, a photo of the defect helps us with the evaluation. Thank you for understanding that worn out or destroyed cutlery or razors are beyond repair.

    Implied Warranty and Guarantee
    ?DOVO? and MERKUR products are subject to implied warranty. The handling of the claim is carried out by the retailer after a preliminary assessment. For observation of the deadline, please enclose the sales receipt showing the date of purchase. Justified claimes will be handled shortly. Damages due to application not according to the the intended use (e.g. twisted tips, broken off pieces, corrosion) are not subject to limited warranty.

    The world of our products is complex, interesting and full of surprises. We gladly offer you insight and inform you of many facts concerning production, materials, use and maintenance of our products.

    Information on Wet Shaving
    Instructions for the use and maintenance of straight razors, safety razors and other accessories we have put together in our graphic shaving guidebook.

    (View PDF file)

    Interesting Facts on ?DOVO? Cutlery
    Background, facts and informaton on a multitude of our cutlery you will find in our useful ?DOVO? guidebook.

    (View PDF file)